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"'Lollipops for Breakfast' is an exceptionally fine debut."

- Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five, and performing since the age of nine. She won an international piano competition at the age of 15.


She has a Piano Performance certificate from Princeton University, where she received her undergraduate degree, and a Master’s in Music from the Manhattan School of Music.

She has been a composer since she was six years old. Her piece for chamber orchestra, “The Shield of Achilles” was performed by the Princeton University Chamber Ensemble. As part of an atelier workshop with Toni Morrison at Princeton, two of her original pieces were performed by a chamber ensemble, along with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and double bass player Edgar Meyer.

The trio consists of Charu Suri on the piano, J. Brunka on the double bass, and Jay O’Brien on the drums. Formed in the spring of 2018, the ensemble has received praise for its renditions of standards and original music. Their debut album, “Lollipops for Breakfast,"  launched in November, with original music composed by Suri, and won a Global Music Award.